The Prasad Institute of Culture, was inaugurated on 15th April (Poila Baisakh) 2007 in memory of Sri Sarbani Prasad Mukherjee. Our offering includes educational coaching and after school programs for the school age children as well as music and dance lessons for students of all ages under one roof.

We strive to serve not only the children but also the grownups with no age-bar to carry on their finesse. This provides a unique opportunity for the parents and family members to learn and pursue their passion in music and dance. The Institute has a busy schedule of cultural activities and learning, following international standards.

The name Prasad signifies that the institute aims at making a student an asset not only for the nation but also for the world. We believe that a child needs to be engaged in both academic and extracurricular activities to achieve his or her true potential. Our after school program provides a dependable alternative to keep children safe and engaged in an enriching environment for all round development instead of spending time watching TV / playing video games or shuttling from one coaching class to another.

Our production of audio and video albums can expose a person’s talent to the world. It not only uplifts them but also entertains others. Our recent albums are

• ‘Saptarathi’ a dual language (English and Bengali) Rabindra Sangeet audio album by students of the school

• ‘Paras’ modern Bengali songs and poetry by renowned artists Srikanto Acharya, Indrani Sen, Saikat Mitra, Anusua Chowdhury and Pradip Ghosh)
Education for an academic career is the most important factor. Parents are aware of this as they admit them in good schools. After all, the daily home tasks of school must be completed daily. Let the children bloom and shine eternally. Art & crafts bring out the inner concept and feelings of a child.
Vocal songs or instrumental- Indian or western, classical or modern, are beneficial recreation and help a person to develop a feeling for rhythm and wonderful poetic sense from childhood to old age.
Dance :
Western, modern or Indian classical dance are not only graceful but a good exercise too, Dancing for half an hour could entertain a child or young ,at the same time help them in physical growth methodically.
Our Creation of Audio or video album can expose a person’s talent to the world. It not only uplift them but entertain others.We have launched audio album ‘Saptarathi’ on Rabindra sangeet with each songs’ English version & ‘Paras’ Modern songs (by renowned artists Srikanto acharya, Indranisen, Saikat Mitra,Anusua Chowdhury)