We offer comprehensive curricula including education, music and dance by teachers of renowned schools.
(A) Coaching classes : By Exclusive and Devoted Teachers
Eligibility Curriculum
 Students from classes K.G to X    • Home work help for all academic subjects
   • Art and Craft projects
   • Computer projects
   • Exam preparations
 Students from classes XI to XII    • Mathematics,
   • Physics
   • English
   • Bengali
   • History
   • Geography
   • Education
(B) Music lessons (students of all ages)
• Classical, Bhajan, Gazal and Rabindrasangeet - By Sangeet siromoni Yudhajit Roy (M.A Classical from R.B.U)& disciple of
  Guru Nidhan Bandhu Bandopadhaya & Guru Smt. Mira Banerjee.
• Recitation and Gita Lesson By - Mrs - Purabi Ghosh and Dipa Mukerji.
• Piano & Synthesizer- by Sikha Mukherjee (Pianist, lyricist & Music Composer) & Mr. P. Paul (renowned synthesizer guru).
• Certificate after each year for senior and junior course.
(C) Dance lessons (students of all ages)
• Indian classical dance (Bharat Natyam) – By renowned teachers
• Western (Combination of Dance) By - Dipa Mukerji (choreographer for Zee Bangla dance)
• Kathak, Monipuri & Creative – By renowned teachers.
• Certificate after each year for senior and junior course.
(D) Fun Club (age -4 to 14 years)
• Fun & Learn, through Indoor & Outdoor activities on vacations & holidays.
• Picnics for all children & guardians.
• Indoor and outdoor games help a child to develop body co-ordination by basic skills.
• An exciting and fun filled summer camp with loats of fun, learning and game with sumptous lunch !!
(E) After school program (age -4 to 12 years and Time 04:00 PM to 07:00 PM)
• Safe and enriching environment from 3pm to 7pm
• Coaching and homework support
• Music, art and dance lessons
• Healthy and nutritious snacks (both veg. and non-veg. options)
(F) Audio and Video album production for talented person and students of all ages
• Music arrangement
• Vocal training
• Recording and post production editing
• Marketing and album launch
(G) Special Entertaining Programme, Academic and Talent Search Programme
• Vocal Programme
• Vocal Music for all ages
• ART Camp comes with in with learning new technic every day, Make your own art and take it home with techniques like masking, decoupage, negative n positive art and much more.